There are three cops in Clearwater, Florida who have a lot more self-control than you do. Which is especially impressive in Florida, a state where there are no laws.

Brian Sudbrink pulled over 24-year-old Arielle Engert at 2:48 A.M. on Monday. She'd been swerving, she failed a sobriety test, and she had marijuana on her. So he arrested her.

As he was taking her to jail, she offered to give him sexual favors if he let her go. Brian turned her down. When they got to jail, two other male cops found a small bag of cocaine on her. And she offered both of them the same deal as Brian: Sexual favors to let her go. Somehow they had the self-restraint to say no too.


She was charged with drunk driving, marijuana possession, cocaine possession, introduction of contraband into a detention facility, and got hit with three counts of bribery.

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