I talked with Brandon Mavis from Craft QC about an upcoming fundraiser called Trekking for Charity where he'll be raising money for a local non-profit called Getting Heroes Home.

Saturday, September 18, 2021 he'll be walking to every single brewery in the Quad Cities...a total of close to 26 miles. But he's got to raise enough money. $2,000 will make a complete trip.

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Then that evening at 7pm they'll have an after party at Midwest Ale Works where more raffles and fundraising will happen. Plus they'll be tapping a new beer that Brandon helped brew called MAWtoberfest, an Octoberfest style beer.

Just like our Troops need the help of Getting Heroes Home. I can't Trek without your help. The MORE money raised, the FURTHER I walk. Where I end is up to you, so donate today! If we meet our goal we could end up walking 26 Miles to 14 Breweries, 5 Cities and 2 States.

Amount Needed to Reach Each Location:

Nerdspeak Brewing  $100

3.5 Miles to Twin Span Brewing  $400
2.9 Miles to Five Cities Brewing  $600
2 Miles to Crawford Brew Works  $800
3.7 Miles to Adventurous Brewing  $1,100
3.3 Miles to Stompbox Brewing  $1,250
0.5 Miles to Front Street Brewery  $1,300
1.4 Miles to Big Swing Brewing  $1,400
0.7 Miles to Bent River Brewing RI  $1,450
0.2 Miles to Wake Brewing  $1,500
1.2 Miles to Radicle Effect Brewerks  $1,600
2.7 Miles to Rebellion Brew Haus  $1,700
75 Steps to Galena Brewing Ale House  $1,750
3.6 Miles to Midwest Ale Works  $2,000+

As of this being published he's at $1,000 so there's a ways to go. Any donation is appreciated...even $1.  Just go to CraftQC.com and click on the banner ad that pops up.  That will take you to the information page about the fundraiser.

Getting Heroes Home

Helping our nation's military families be together at moments that matter most, like holidays, emergencies, special life events and family matters. GHH provides travel and arrangements to get our heroes home when they need to be. Currently, over 180 heroes have been helped by their services. Getting Heroes Home is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the State of Iowa.

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