Joyce Cerutti in Spokane, Washington saw her neighbor put a bunch of trash in her garbage can last Saturday. He'd done it before. So she bagged it all up, knocked on his door, and gave it back to him. Which didn't go over well, and they got into an argument.

She claims he started throwing trash all over her yard. When she ran to get her husband, the guy barged into their house. But her 50-year-old husband Carlo is a Trekkie and he grabbed his replica Klingon sword off the wall, started swinging it, and chased the guy off.

Technically it was a 'bat'leth', a curved blade with four points, and three handles on the back. You're welcome "Star Trek" nerds.

The neighbor with the trash hasn't been identified. He claims he never set foot in their house, and that Carlo ran outside and attacked him. So Carlo ended up being arrested, and for now he's facing assault charges.

Another neighbor saw it go down though, and it sounds like she's on Joyce's side. She wouldn't talk to the local news, but said it's because she's worried about retaliation from the other neighbor.

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