Toronto, ON – A Toronto Blue Jays fan received a special surprise after taking a 110 mph foul ball to the head during a game at Rogers Centre. Liz McGuire, who later identified herself on social media, shared gruesome photos of her injury after being struck by a foul ball hit by shortstop Bo Bichette in the Blue Jays' 4-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday.

Toronto Blue Jays Fan Gets Unique Consolation After Foul Ball Incident

"Hey @BlueJays I got my face mashed in by a 110mph foul off Bo Bichette's bat," McGuire wrote in a viral post that showcased the severity of her injuries. One photo displayed a baseball-sized lump on her forehead, while another revealed a gnarly black eye after the swelling subsided. She continued, "I didn't even get the ball. I even stayed till the end of the game. Any way you can hook a girl up?"

Responding to her plea, the Toronto Blue Jays confirmed to CTVNewsToronto that they had indeed hooked McGuire up with some team merchandise, tickets, and a signed baseball.

But the story doesn't end there. Topps, a renowned trading card company, produced a custom trading card to salute McGuire.   

"We produced exactly 110 copies, and we’re gifting them all to @lizzzzzzzzzzy. Liz, you’re a champ!" the company announced on Monday on X, formerly known as Twitter. McGuire enthusiastically replied, "PROPS TO @Topps THIS RULES."

The cards are doing extremely well, seeing as they are selling for $250-$300 online.

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McGuire Recalls The Foul Bal Experience

In her social media posts, McGuire explained that the foul ball "went over the mesh," referring to the protective netting installed in ballparks to prevent such incidents. "It was so fast! I just turned away for a second," she wrote on X, adding, "I don't think I could've stopped it even if I tried."

McGuire mentioned that she was immediately attended to by the Blue Jays medical staff and later visited the emergency room, where scans revealed no fractures or concussion: "Face scans came back a-okay!!" Despite the ordeal, McGuire's resilient spirit and good humor have turned an unfortunate incident into a memorable story, complete with unique memorabilia and a bit of fame.

Update On Liz's Injury

The Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show had Liz on the air for an exclusive interview. She sent us an updated picture of how her face is healing. The initial photo of her with the huge welt on her head was taken on May 17th. Here is the current state of her face on May 24th.

Liz Updated injury as of May 24th, 2024.
Liz's updated injury as of May 24th, 2024.

While on the phone with Liz, she informed us that she did not get to keep the ball that hit her in the face. After it bounced off her head, a woman nearby caught the ball. She refused to give it to Liz. Even with the crowd chanting "Give her the ball," and Liz asking politely with her visibly broken face, the woman said no and disappeared. Liz says the ball must be cursed, and it might be good that she didn't get it. 

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