The results from this year's survey on America's tailgating habits are out. Here are some stats about everything from our favorite foods to our favorite tailgating games.

  1. Our favorite tailgating food is wings with 25% of the vote, followed by burgers, pizza, hot dogs, nachos, and tacos.
  2. Our favorite thing to drink at a tailgate is beer with 53% of the vote, followed by mixed drinks, iced tea, wine or wine coolers, and Gatorade.
  3. 24% of fans said they don't usually drink at a tailgate. 32% said they have one or two drinks, 20% said three to four, 11% said five or six, 4% said seven or eight, and 9% said they drink more than that.
  4. 49% of people said corn hole is the best tailgating game. The rest of the top five are beer pong, frisbee or catch, flip cup, and ladder toss.
  5. 70% of fans said college tailgates are better than NFL tailgates.
  6. 61% said the best place to watch football is at home, or at a friend's place. 12% would rather be at a bar. Only 11% said being at the game is best and 16% don't care where they watch, as long as there's plenty of food.

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