You may have once said "I never want to end up like my father," but chances are, you're slowly turning into him slowly as time progresses. Sure, you're not going to be a carbon copy, but you'll be exhibiting some similar traits.

According to a poll from SWNS, we start becoming our father's at 37 years old. 68% of men even said they feel more like their father with every passing year.

37% said they take grilling super serious because of their dad's devotion to the cooking style. One in three say they got their handy skills from their father, whether that means they were taught by him or just come by it naturally.

One in four said they mute TV commercials just like dad, as well as one in four saying they noticed they grunt when they get off the couch now.

Another one in four said they fall asleep on the couch just watching TV, no matter the time of day.

One in five said they get mad when people touch the thermostat.

Three in four said they appreciate their dad more since COVID-19 hit.

The Top Traits Respondents Think They Get From Their Dads:

  1. Grill very seriously: 37%
  2. Fix stuff before buying them new: 35%
  3. Genuinely enjoy corny jokes: 28%
  4. "Ask your mother.": 26%
  5. Falling asleep on the couch watching TV: 25%
  6. Grunt getting off the couch: 25%
  7. Mute commercials: 22%
  8. Love mowing the lawn: 22%
  9. Get furious when people touch the thermostat: 21%
  10. Finish everyone else's plates at the restaurant: 18%

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