I don't regret any of the fashion choices I've ever made. I looked good in those acid washed jeans with my head half-shaved, but you might not feel as good about your fashion history as I do.

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Townsquare Media

According to a new survey, two out of three Americans say they have at least one fashion choice or a look from their past that makes them cringe. And here are the 10 most common things people regret:

  1. Shoulder pads, 29%.
  2. Dying your hair, 28%.
  3. A perm, 27%.
  4. Baggy clothing, 26%.
  5. Too much hair gel, 20%.
  6. Colorful eye shadow, 20%.
  7. Skinny jeans that were too tight, 19%.
  8. Bangs, 19%.
  9. Tie-dye, 18%.
  10. T-shirts with cartoon graphics on them, 16%.

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