You should know by clicking on the headline, this article is most certainly NOT SAFE FOR WORK.



A few months ago, Tommy Lee broke the internet when he shared a photo of himself in a hotel room hot tub just after two in the morning, showing off the baseball bat that hangs between his legs.

Last night, he seems to have done it again, this time calling on Mr. Peanut himself for a collaboration in their future.

"Hey @MrPeanut," Tommy Lee wrote in the Tweet. " Let's collab... I'll bring the NUTZ!!!"

Of course, the photo accompanying the post was a photo of his bare butt and legs, with his nuts just hanging down in the frame.

The tagging of Mr. Peanut has sparked a lot of comments, as well as comments about sagging skin and older age.

Another user wrote "Balls to the wall," to which someone else replied "You mean to the floor..."

The post is below, but I mean seriously, don't even bother looking. It's like staring right at your grandpa's bag on a hot July day.

I make one goofy comment, and my page gets suspended for a week or two. He posts a picture of his junk, it becomes the third-highest trending topic on the platform within minutes.

Maybe I'll follow his social media plan.


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