Putting a toddler to bed usually goes one of two ways. They fall asleep in a strange position and parents calmly carry them to bed, or, they scream and cry once parents put them in the crib. However, this toddler's bedtime experience was out of the ordinary.

Hudsonville, Michigan, Leon Hendrix and his wife Andrea Hendrix have two toddler-aged boys and one baby boy on the way this month. These parents surely have their hands full.

At 9 p.m. on Monday night Andrea was working from home in the basement while Leon was on the phone with his sister. The young boys were tucked into their separate beds in their bedroom, or so they thought.

Earlier that day, the couple’s 3-year-old son Landon was allowed to hold onto an old Mickey Mouse-themed Apple watch.

“That was one of the original series watches. I was like, ‘I haven’t used it and it’s probably not connected to a phone; what’s the harm in him looking at the Mickey Apple watch?'” Andrea said.

During the night, the baby monitor was picking up sounds. Andrea heard a voice that was not either of her sons. When the parents realized what was happening they started to freak out. Leon rushed into the bedroom in his underwear (he made sure to edit that part out). A 7-minute phone call with a 911 dispatcher was taking place on the apple watch that little Landon had brought into bed. Landon and his brother had crawled into the same crib to chat with the dispatcher.

Leon Hendrix posted the baby cam footage on Facebook and said, "My 3-year-old called 911 tonight. He took what we thought was a defunct Apple Watch to bed and next thing we know he’s talking to 911 on the watch. Here’s a clip. Learn from our errors, parents..."

The 911 dispatcher saw the Facebook post and sent Leon a private message saying, "I was the dispatcher who took your sons call last night :) Loved seeing them waving goodbye. Adorable."

Landon still has the watch with Mickey on it, but it’s in airplane mode. The parents say they won’t let their boys play with the watch unattended again. This is a story for the baby book.

The parents say they are grateful for the 911 dispatchers. A lesson can be learned here, devices like phones and smartwatches you no longer can use can still have the capability to call 911.

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