In December, Jordan Bohannon ended his season with the Iowa Hawkeyes in style. He signed the shoes he wore for the game against the Cyclones, leaving them at the free throw line and decided it was time for him to leave his impact before having hip surgery.

Bohannon recently put the signed shoes up for auction, selling tickets at $10 a piece with all money going to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. The fundraiser ended with more than 2,500 tickets sold.

Sid Hesse in Tipton made $110 from a garage sale and was able to purchase 11 tickets. His parents caught his reaction to watching Jordan Bohannon announcing he won the shoes during a TV interview.

We talked to Sid this morning and asked him to use his skills to draw us a picture of what Michaels looks like. Here's what he came up with. I think he has a career as an artist.... cause he nailed it! Way to go, Sid!!! Hear our interview below.

Sid Hesse
Sid Hesse


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