There are so many things I'm tired of right now in the world of sports (make that exhausted by) like Deflated Footballs, LeBron, Kobe, Mike Krzyzewski, Wisconsin Basketball ...   Can we just skip over to baseball !?!

My apologies to the Happ family and friends, Ethan is a great kid, but I've seen enough of Wisconsin.  I feel like I've been watching the same players for 7 years!  Just hurry up and get to the Final Four, I'll root for you to beat Kentucky!   The Super Bowl has no luster for me because there's cheaters on both sidelines.  Robert Kraft, you should be ashamed of yourself for your public comments.  I don't need to hear DAILY about LeBron's record or Kobe's injury, and I had enough already about "Coach K" when he was on #997 !!

I'm "Hyped-Out" and at least during baseball season the  coverage/hype level about the Cubs is low and tolerable.  So here's to baseball...I'm waiting to exhale !