A woman on TikTok shared a story about her anus that will make your skin crawl in a video that's brought in 1.7 million views.

Mercedes Edwards explained in graphic detail how she found out she had a pinworm infection as a child in the video.

“If you don’t know what that is, it’s these little white worms and they live in your butthole. They come out at night to lay eggs around your anus,” Edwards said.

She knew something was wrong because she had an itch that couldn't be fixed.

“So I got a little mirror because I wanted to look to see like what was going on down there, you know?” she explained while eating edamame. “And I saw all these squiggly white things moving on and I freaked the f–k out.”

Mercede's quick thinking mother grabbed a piece of tape and stuck some of the worms to it to take to a doctor for a sample.

“I had to take this medication that made all the pinworms like die and I remember sitting on the toilet crying — so scared to sh*t because when I did sh*t all the dead worms were like in my poop,” she said.

According to Mayo Clinic, pinworm infections are found in school-age children can be caused by accidentally swallowing or breathing in the eggs.

“It was traumatizing, do not recommend getting pinworms. Wash your hands people,” Edwards said.

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