If UFOs ever do land on Earth or Bigfoot ever stops acting like a coward and shows himself, apparently most of us won't be surprised.

Soothsayer during a session doing palmistry

According to a new survey, 75% of Americans believe in at least one paranormal thing. 5% basically believe in every possible paranormal phenomenon.

Here are the seven most common paranormal beliefs:

  1. Lost ancient civilizations like Atlantis once existed, 55% believe it.
  2. Places can be haunted by ghosts or spirits, 52% believe it.
  3. Aliens have visited Earth in ancient times, 35% believe it.
  4. Aliens have visited Earth in modern times, 26% believe it.
  5. Some people have telekinetic abilities and can move objects with their mind, 25% believe it.
  6. Psychics can see the future, 19% believe it.
  7. Bigfoot is real, 16% believe it.

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