I love a company who doesn't take themselves too seriously, and H.H. Gregg is precisely that.

Seemingly playing on the spelling of their name, the retail chain that's known for their consumer electronics and home appliances put out a Summer Sale commercial.

It's from last summer, apparently, but it's blown up in the last few days.

The typical commercial voice comes in, with "H H Greg-guh is having a sulummer sale!"

From there, the commercial does a fantastic example of the comedic stylings of Double-Speak.

Wikipedia defines double-speak as "language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words."

For example, rather than say "Tents," they use "tenhentens."

Other examples, are their sales on:

  • Gasalasal Lananaterns
  • Marsharshamelmel Roastatoastoes
  • Ssleepy Bagagoes
  • Baskatchuans
  • Slam-Slam Dunky-Dunkies
  • Mititted Catcheroos
  • Fishishing Rododdles
  • Nnetses
  • Sspeedening Boato Enengines

The commercial's dumb comedy is my favorite type of comedy, and hearing the guy's voice say all of the words with 100% sincerity gets me every time.

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