Way back when I worked in the fast food industry, this is how I would have quit my job... That is, if I could actually rap and had the guts to make a scene.

As Cedrick Workuff of Kansas City, Missouri says in the video below, "They think I'm going to go in there and be like 'I quit, I quit.' No, I'm about to go in there and sing."

He grabs a microphone and heads through the front door of the Popeyes he was working at. For the next couple minutes he puts the restaurant on blast by improvising a rap.


Pretty crazy that somebody would just up and quit their job like that right? Turns out Cedrick didn't even work there in the first place.

"It's something me and Marco wanted to put in the works," he told KSHB. "It wasn't planned. It was all improvised. Only the idea was planned."

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