This is the reason you lock your cars up at night. This is footage from a listener's house where over two nights there's been a young man checking to see if the cars in her driveway were unlocked. No clue if he was looking to ransack them or looking to steal them outright, but this is what has been happening in the Quad Cities every night while we've all been sleeping.

Hey QCA friends! Here is your friendly reminder to lock you cars and home. The past two nights, someone has tried to get into our cars. Sunday night, he looked directly into our camera, so I thought maybe he would be deterred. Guess not, because someone was back last night trying to open our doors. It’s scary to think about, especially since ***** works late a lot of evenings. I’m tempted to stay up tonight and see if our guest decides to return.

Does anyone recognize this guy? What would you do if you saw this on your cameras? Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Davenport Police Department 563-326-7979.

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