Well, we were talking about the guy who crapped himself on a plane and sat in it for the duration of the flight, and Goose came in all proud of himself to show us a video he stumbled across.

From the Subreddit r/therewasanattempt comes a video that just about made Hairball hurl trying to put this up.


It's a peaceful video, with the caption "To have a peaceful walk" and we see an outdoor dining area with booths setup on either side of the sidewalk, but then an older, gray haired man in a t-shirt and jorts (jean shorts) walks into frame - presumably on a walk -  and suddenly has an emergency.

The man takes off into a run, and leaves behind a spray of butt juice all over the sidewalk, right between all of the people trying to enjoy a meal.

u/apol96 via Reddit
u/apol96 via Reddit

The waiter who was standing nearby turned at just the wrong time to see this mess.

u/apol96 via Reddit
u/apol96 via Reddit

"That’s all you can do really. I mean you shit yourself in front of a group of people dining, the only thing you can do is run away," one user wrote.

Another said it was "Your typical shit and run."

Take a look at this thing, if you dare, and try not to barf.

To have a peaceful walk
byu/apol96 intherewasanattempt

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