Do you remember that old Seinfeld bit, where he asks if there are keys to planes? His thought is that the ground delays we all get stuck in from time to time is just because the pilot forgot the keys at their apartment.

Well, apparently this is something that can actually happen, as seen in a viral video over the weekend.

The video shows two Delta pilots using a luggage conveyor belt to climb through a window onto a Boeing 737. As one pilot struggles to get through the window headfirst, his co-pilot guides his feet through the window.

Now, according to Live and Let's Fly, a pilot said that, at least on an Airbus, if the plane was fully shut down and the cockpit door was closed, you'd be locked out.

Breaking Aviation News & Videos
Breaking Aviation News & Videos

The pilot also said that some systems can be turned on from outside of the cockpit, but he's not sure that the door would be part of that power circuit.

Either way, seems like someone needs to come up with a new way to unlock those things.

As a passenger, if I look out and see my pilots on a luggage conveyor, climbing through the windows of the cockpit because they forgot the keys, I'm requesting a different flight right then and there.

In my brain, if they forget the keys, what are the odds they forget something else? Like the landing gear, or the right side engine, or even the fasten seatbelt sign? And I don't know how plane GPS works, but what if they punch in 5700 N Cicero instead of South?

Read more at Live and Let's Fly 

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