Just because Charlie Cole is the headbrewer at Blue Cat Brewing Co in Rock Island, doesn't me he isn't a fan of other breweries or beers in general.

This week he brought in a collaboration beer from Wake Brewing and Reunion Brewing out of Coralville called Tropic Nightmare.  It's a double dry hopped Brett IPA.  The "Brett" is a type of wild yeast which is hard to work with in that it can contaminate the brew house if you're not careful.  That's why you don't see them very often.

It's fruity and effervescent and as it gets a little warmer, the earthy tones hit a lot harder. I've taken road trips with less interesting journeys.

In the meantime, Charlie's pumped about the new system they've got at the Blue Cat.  While they work on installing it, you can see some of his favorite beers have a guest spot on tap at the Blue Cat.

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