Everything you could possibly need to know about the Chicago Bears and the possibility that they'll be moving out of the Chicago city limits is explained in this documentary done by NBC Sports Chicago.

It was reported in June that the Bears have begun moving forward with demolition at the Arlington Heights racecourse where the new stadium will be located, but so far, no further announcements have been made about the move from Soldier Field.

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears
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"The visual standpoint is everybody in the community is going to see that it's continuing to move forward, and it's continuing to show Arlington Heights is the best choice for them to relocate to," said Jon Ridler, with the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce.

The Bears have said that the demolition isn't necessarily and indication that they're moving forward with plans to build at that location, they're just getting it ready for if they do.

7 months ago, NBC Sports Chicago created an hour-long documentary about the move to the suburbs, with some shocking facts and details about the financial situation around the stadiums.

One of the facts: The original debt for the 2002 renovations to Solider Field was $399 million. 20 years later, that number is…….$630 million.

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