Summer is vacation season, and if any of your time off takes you to the windy city, take a small detour to the Chicago Prohibition Tours. They offer a variety of mini-history jaunts throughout a city full of history.

The one my wife got me for Valentine's Day this year was called 'Hidden In Plain Sight' and it was a great walk through the time and temperament of the age of Prohibition. It's not just about the locations, these tours give the context of how something like Prohibition could even take place. And if you follow the dollar as you follow the tour, you'll learn all the names of the folks who won and lost in those 13 years.

Jonathon was our guide, and the easy pace and conversation were more like hanging out with the guy in your history class who took notes. Delivered with a hint of Chicago smarts, sarcasm, and a touch of your favorite drinks, this is a great way to see the inner workings of the city that works, while it worked to get around Prohibition...

Listen to Jonathon talk about this awesome tour:

You can check out their website for more information. The group offers a guided walking tour, showing off some of Chicago's coolest "Hidden in plain sight" types of places, as well as three iconic staples in the speakeasy community.

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Also offered is a 3.5-hour guided bus tour, taking you to four different neighborhoods and teaching the full history (or what they can fit in that time) of the prohibition.

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