The owner of the Woodland Food Mart in Deland, Florida called police Saturday morning when he heard a voice coming from the roof saying, "I'm dying. I need help."

Volusia County Sheriff's deputies found 31-year-old Michael Monacelli stuck on the roof of the convenience store. The failed burglar said that he tried breaking in because he was dehydrated and needed a drink.

First he tried breaking a window. When that didn't work, he climbed a tree and got on top of the Food Mart. Monacelli realized too late that there was no way to enter the store from the roof and he was stranded.

The burglar stayed on the roof until the business owner showed up at 8 A.M. to open for the day.

Deputies arrived on the scene and, with the help of Volusia County Fire Rescue, were able to climb to the roof and get Monacelli down. The suspect was only wearing shorts and socks at the time and was charged with attempted burglary and property damage.

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