One of my favorite guitarists, Hughie Thomasson of The Outlaws and later Lynyrd Skynyrd passed away from a heart attack on this date in 2007.  I know it's not common to use the word "strong" when describing a guitarist, but there always seemed to me to be some kind of extra "power" and strength to his playing.  He had plenty of speed, awesome stage presence, and a lion's share of skill.  In 1996 I remember thinking .. "Who in their right mind would try to step in and play Free Bird "live" and uphold the legend of Lynyrd Skynyrd night-after-night..???"  Hughie took it on and did it impressively.

I guess all any of us can ask for is to die in our sleep, but losing Hughie at age 55, there's no doubting that we lost out on MANY more thrilling years of watching a master at his craft.  "Guitar Army" fans, on today's 5:00 Punch-Out Let's close our eyes and remember how many times Hughie Thomasson left us "in the dust" after a concert!

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