The first day of spring is three weeks out. So this might be the last one of these stories we see for a while...

A 28-year-old guy named Matthew McClure broke into someone's garage in Erie, Pennsylvania on Monday, and stole a bunch of stuff.

Erie County Sheriff's Department
Erie County Sheriff's Department

He got his hands on some hunting gear, tools, and other various items, but all that stuff was pretty heavy, and he didn't want to make multiple trips. So he also stole a sled from the garage to transport the stuff, and the tracks he left in the snow led cops straight to his house, less than two blocks away.

He's facing multiple felonies for burglary, criminal trespass, theft, and receiving stolen property.

Turns out he was also arrested back in October for two other thefts in the same neighborhood. So he's facing a parole violation as well.


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