New Years Eve 1907 in Times Square began a country-wide tradition of dropping things at the stroke of midnight. Some of these things are pretty strange.

The original New Years Eve ball drop came about because New York City had banned traditional fireworks. Instead the created a 700-lb, wood and iron ball covered in 100 light bulbs.

Pickle Drop – Mount Olive, North Carolina

Acorn Drop – Raleigh, North Carolina

Crab Drop – Easton, Maryland

Wrench Drop – Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Bushel of Grapes Drop – Temecula, California

Chili Pepper Drop – La Cruces, New Mexico

Mushroom Drop – Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Indy Car Drop – Indianapolis, Indiana

Beach Ball Drop – Panama City Beach, Florida

Guitar Drop – Memphis, Tennessee

Giant Key Drop – Frederick, Maryland

Watermelon Drop — Vincennes, Indiana

To Go Cup Drop — Savannah, Georgia

Possum Drop — Tallapoosa, Georgia

Potato Drop — Boise, Idaho

Flea Drop — Eastover, North Carolina

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