I've spent the better part of an hour just listening through a bunch of mashups featuring classic rock artists and laughing my ass off.

Mashups are nothing new, especially with the isolated vocal and instrumental tracks of songs being so readily available to your average Joe. But, every once in a while a new one will pop up and I'll get bit by that bug again.

It all started when this mashup of Ozzy Osbourne and Earth, Wind, & Fire showed up. Now I'm falling down the rabbit whole with signs of stopping. Give these all a listen, they're awesome!

Ozzy / Earth, Wind, & Fire – Crazy Train / September

Van Halen / Elvis Presley – Jump / Burning Love

Led Zeppelin / James Brown – Whole Lotta Love / Sex Machine

AC/DC / Van Halen – Highway to Hell / Runnin' with the Devil

Iron Maiden / Michael Jackson – Trooper / Beat It

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