It's key to not think about all the filthy germs that are floating around the cabin if you want to survive flying.

A new study has discovered the three surfaces in an airplane that have the highest levels of bacteria, spoiler alert: they're not in the lavatory. The study also found that sometimes the bacteria can make you sick.

Pack your Purell before you read them, just no more than 3.4 ounces. The highest levels of bacteria are found on:

  1. The headrests. They're not disinfected very often and definitely aren't cleaned that well between flights.
  2. The seat pockets. Flight attendants have found things stuffed in them like half-eaten sandwiches, dirty diapers, used condoms, and used feminine products.
  3. The tray tables. This one is pretty obvious, flyers use them for all sorts of nasty things.

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