It would seem that just about anyone can hold a Guinness World Record these days - so long as your idea is completely original and fits whatever guidelines Guinnesss has. Just when you'd think there's nothing else to do, BOOM - "Guinness World Record for Most Spoons Balanced On The Body".

UPI put together a list of the weirdest and out-there-est Guinness World Records, and we're here to pass that on to you.

10. Most Skips By A Cat In One Minute

Here's a lady setting a record for jump roping with her cat. It jumps over the rope nine times.

9. Loudest Burp (Female) 

We talked to KimmyCola after this record was set. Not only did she burp at 107.3 decibels, she also runs a very successful burped-based OnlyFans.

8. Fastest 100m Full Body Burn Sprint (No Oxygen)

The easiest way to win a record is to apparently just light yourself on fire and run a faster 100m dash than anyone else who's lighting themselves on fire and doing a 100m dash.

7. Longest Tongue On A Living Dog

Not sure how you figure out this is a world record, but I supposed if you think you dog's tongue is ridiculously long, you can get someone out to verify that it's the longest one on a living dong.

6. Most Spoons Balanced On The Body

"Here hold still for a second, I'm going to stick a bunch of spoons to you, and we'll be rich."

5. Most Magic Tricks Underwater

Over the course of three minutes, this 13-year-old girl performed 38 magic tricks.

4. Most Couples Eating A Single Piece of Spaghetti Simultaneously

Remember the spaghetti scene in Lady and The Tramp? Someone got 463 couples together to reenact the scene at the same time.

3. Fastest Time To Assemble Mr. Potato Head Blindfolded

It's exactly what it sounds like. This guy did it in 11.5 seconds. I'd bet we find someone that can do it in 11.4.

2. Longest Mustache On A Living Person

1. Fastest Five Meters Scootered By a Parrot

If you made it this far, you know we've saved the best for last, and you deserve the best and the cutest record. So here's a parrot riding a scooter.

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