This is great news if you're hoping to meet someone at the gym, or if you're just really gross and want to wear the same clothes for a week.

A team of engineers at a university in Portugal have come up with a new fabric that smells better the more you sweat.

They were able to modify regular cotton, so it lets off a citronella scent when it comes in contact with the acid in your sweat molecules. It's not clear why they picked citronella, or if they'll be able to do it with any smell or not.

The weirdest part is they did it by using a specific protein found in the noses of pigs that binds to scent molecules.

And as a bonus, citronella is an insect repellent. So if your clothes were made of the fabric, you wouldn't have to wear bug spray.

There's no word yet on when we might be able to buy clothes made out of it.

Read more at CNET.

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