Is your dog lonely and tired of being single, or recently suffered a bad breakup? Dog dating just got so much easier.

Pinder, a brand new dating app, is a play on Tinder, but has a different requirement: Your account holder has to have 4 legs.

“We’re just taking the effective format of Tinder and applying it to the pet community," said Kevin Botero, founder of Pinder.

While Pinder was primarily created to find your pupper a buddy, finding a mate for yourself was also an intention when the app was designed.


“I personally know relationships that have come about through people walking their pets in the park, so it’s definitely possible,” said Botero, 26. “On Pinder, you’re getting that level of pet-obsessed parent you’re looking for, which in reality is somebody just like you.”


It works just like Tinder, where your dog has a profile, and get to swipe left or right on each pet's profile to decide yes or no.

If there's a match, both owners have to communicate over a different social media platform, like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Pet parents aren't the only ones hooking up though, the website says  “Finding a dog to breed with is possible.”

So, get on here so you and your best friend can both get some.

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