If you're looking for some stocking stuffers, medicine balls always make a great one. With 2020 being the biggest year for online Christmas shopping yet, it's important to compare prices, and Sears usually has them for pretty cheap.

If you were to go to Sears website and search for "medicine ball" as innocently as buying one for your grandmother to use to strengthen her shoulder replacement, you'd probably immediately notice the not so innocent result.


Sears allows 3rd party sellers to sell products on their website, which almost works as more of an aggregator of multiple websites. When the companies list new items, they might not necessarily be checked by a human to make sure that it's safe for the brand. This is why the first result has been “XR Brands Heavy Hitch Ball Stretcher Hook with Weights," accompanied by a NSFW picture.

Once the listing was trending on social media yesterday, Sears removed the listing.

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