Smiley the dog is a wonder.

Despite the fact Smiley was born without eyes, he serves as a therapy dog, working for hours each day with kids and the elderly in Canada.

Smiley, who is a golden retriever also suffering from dwarfism, is now 12 years old. His owner, Joanne George, rescued the pooch a decade ago and said everyone can relate to him.

"People were so drawn to him, so inspired by him," she said. "I realized this dog has to be a therapy dog -- I have to share him."

George claims Smiley, who she trained to follow her voice, was helped, in part, by befriending a Great Dane who's deaf, helping Smiley "break out of his shell."

It's always heartwarming to see dogs helping people, whether it's an everyday situation or giving us a laugh.

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