In a heartfelt plea for assistance, the Humane Society of Scott County has sounded the alarm over the escalating crisis of dog overpopulation.

Humane Society of Scott County
Humane Society of Scott County

Davenport, Iowa

The shelter, grappling with an unrelenting surge in stray and surrendered dogs over the past six months, finds itself teetering on the brink of capacity, forcing many animals to endure confinement in wire crates due to a severe lack of space.

The dire situation has prompted shelter staff to issue a desperate call for help, emphasizing that these dogs deserve better than a life confined to crates, and their current conditions prevent staff from providing anything beyond the most basic care.

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Humane Society of Scott County
Humane Society of Scott County

"We can not catch a break," the shelter staff said. "The amount of dogs being brought to us as strays or surrenders over the last 6 months has not ceased to be overwhelming."

The crisis, they emphasize, is not just a shelter issue but a community-wide problem requiring collective action. "Scott County has a pet overpopulation issue. Pet overpopulation is a community crisis issue. We must all begin to help our community’s own dogs," the staff stressed.

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The Shelter Outlined Several Ways Citizens Can Assist

Adoption: Those considering adoption are urged to visit the shelter during open hours or contact them to schedule a visit at a convenient time.

Fostering: Individuals who cannot commit to adoption are encouraged to open their homes to foster dogs in need.

Supporting other animals: Adopting cats also alleviates pressure on shelter resources, allowing staff to focus on the dogs.

Donations: Financial contributions are vital to cover the substantial costs of medical care and basic necessities for the animals. The shelter, operating as a non-profit organization, relies heavily on donations to sustain its operations.

In-kind donations: The shelter is in urgent need of items such as Nylabones, dog treats, wet kitten and dog food, as well as blankets.

Volunteering: Those willing to lend a hand can inquire about volunteer opportunities to support shelter operations.

In addition to these initiatives, the shelter is running a 'Feeling Lucky' adoption special, offering the chance to scratch and win adoption fees.

Adoption Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12 pm-5:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12 pm-4:30 pm
Tuesday & Thursday: Closed

For more information on how to help, interested individuals are urged to reach out to the shelter directly.

Humane Society of Scott County

Address2802 W Central Park Ave, Davenport, IA 52804
563) 388-6655

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