When The Sopranos premiered in 1999, it was unlike anything else on television. While the drama series had many imitators, creator David Chase’s exploration of crime families in New Jersey became synonymous with the rise of high-quality dramas on cable TV that were willing to push the envelope with their storytelling and characterization. As HBO continues to create groundbreaking original programming like Game of Thrones and Westworld, it’s clear that The Sopranos remains one of the channel’s most important shows ever made, influencing creators even years after its finale. Here are five reasons why The Sopranos resonates today.

Even though The Sopranos has been off the air for years, people are still talking about it, reciting lines from it, and quoting Tony Soprano’s most memorable moments. When the last episode of the show aired, there was an outpouring of disappointment from fans who had come to love the show and its characters so much that they felt like they had lost friends when it was over. Why did The Sopranos resonate with so many people? What made this show so special? And why does it still have such power now that it’s been off the air for years?

I've seen many parodies of the Sopranos.  Much of them are doing a bad New York/New Jersey impression talking about Gabagool.  This has got to be the best one I've seen.

You know the opening credits in "The Sopranos" when Tony drives his car through New York and New Jersey?  Now imagine it's an orangutan driving a golf cart past zoo animals.

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