It’s pretty remarkable that we in the Quad Cities are lucky enough to have a venue and a staff at the iWireless Center that can put local bands on stage with chart-topping touring acts. It’s something that’s becoming a trend unique to the QCA.

The Zealots

Well, the iWi has done it again. They told us yesterday that they are adding The Zealots to the upcoming Make America Rock Again concert which is coming up September 10 at the iWireless Center. The Zealots will join Trapt, Saving Abel, Drowning Pool, Saliva, Tantric, Alien Ant Farm, Crazytown, and 12 Stones on stage.

Not only are they playing, but the iWireless also added in a secret ticket price just for fans. All you have to do is enter “Zealots” in the Offer Code on and you will receive a $10 ticket price.

That’s 9 bands for 10 bucks (regular fees apply) including the Quad Cities own “The Zealots.” They’ll be on the show with us tomorrow morning playing some songs and yucking it up with us.

Here's a quick preview: