Most people agree, or at least acknowledge, that the title of "Worlds Greatest Rock n Roll Band" has been given to the Rolling Stones... but when was it "official" ??   Apparently, on this date in 1971.  Today is the day that the Stones' album Sticky Fingers reached the top of the charts and stayed there for a month or so.  Mick Taylor had replaced Brian Jones which gave them an amazing "1-2 Punch" plus their "bad boy" image was just about perfectly un-polished.  Yup, this was the time for their coronation!

Sadly, Mick Taylor and Keith didn't get along very well, he was peeved that most of his contributions to "It's Only Rock & Roll"  were simply erased, and he had begun to explore other music while Keith was on his most recent rehab stint.  So he quit, rather abruptly.  BUT ...the "title" stayed with the Stones, and in the opinion of many historians, they haven't ever relinquished it.  And I'm O.K. with that.