NFL draft prospects are heading to Indianapolis for the annual scouting combine, where they'll showcase themselves to boost their draft stock.

As part of that, they'll meet with teams to answer a wide range of questions. USA Today has compiled a list of the '15 Weirdest Questions NFL Teams Have Asked Draft Prospects at the Combine.' Here they are:

  1. "Do you find your mother attractive?"
  2. "Do you like men?"
  3. "When did you lose your virginity?"
  4. "Is your mother a prostitute?"
  5. "What is your weapon of choice: A gun or a knife?"
  6. "Would you rather be a cat or a dog?"
  7. "You're on a mountain in Alaska on a bus going 100 miles-per-hour. Where are you sitting on the bus?"
  8. "Where does the sun rise, and where does it set?"
  9. "Would you share your internet history with us?"
  10. "What color is chocolate?" The player said "Brown." The coach asked, "What color is melted chocolate?" and the player said, "Dark brown." The coach said, "No, don't overthink it."
    Then the coach said, "What color is butter?" "Yellow." Then, "What color is melted butter?" "Yellow." Finally, "What color is snow?" "White." "What color is melted snow?" "White."
    The coach said, "Nope, melted snow is clear, so what does that make snow?" The player said "Clear," and the coach said, "Yep."
  11. "Boxers or briefs?"
  12. "How many ways could you use a brick in a minute?"
  13. "Which team do you pick in 'Madden' and why?"
  14. "What kind of fish are you?"
  15. "Are you afraid of clowns?"

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