Today looks like will be another winter storm.  It's the wind that is the problem because no matter how often the snow plows hit your road...the drifting is what gets you.

Here's a list of The Top Tips for Staying Safe During a Blizzard.

Don't travel unless it's absolutely necessary. This is not your first rodeo.  If you don't know to stock up on milk, bread and beer then you don't deserve milk, bread, or beer.

Wear several layers to protect yourself from frostbite. Or...ya know don't go outside.  There's a blizzard for cripes sake.

Stay tuned in to the local news. Or your local rock DJ.  You may not know this but we've go through the same training in broadcast school.  I sat next to Teresa Bryant in Atmospheric Science class and we were study buddies in The World Before Rock and Roll (1900-1955).

Keep a home emergency kit full of essentials. For instance, fill jugs of water, lay out your flashlights and check to see if they need batteries.  In case you lose power, you'll want to fill a cooler full of ice so you don't have to open the freezer every time you make a drink.

The fun part about living in the country is that when we lose power we also lose water.  So if this is the case, make sure you have plenty of milk jugs full of water to dump in the toilet or DM me for my best practices for pooping in a grocery bag.

Pro tip: double bag it.

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