This Sunday is National Grandparents Day and 79% of grandparents in a new survey said that spending time with their grandchildren helps keep them young.

Here are the top things they said they've learned from their grandkids recently, broken down into three categories:

    Tech-related things include:

  1. How to use their phone.
  2. How to use emojis.
  3. How to use their DVR.
  4. How to get their Wi-Fi to work.
  5. How to play video games.
  6. How to use social media.
  7. Who the latest YouTubers are.
  8. How to download music.
  9. What hashtags are.
    Pop culture things include:

  1. The words to "Let It Go" from "Frozen".
  2. What "YOLO" and other slang terms mean.
  3. The names of Disney princesses.
  4. The names of superheroes.
  5. How to do the "Floss" dance.
    Self-improvement stuff including:

  1. How to be more adventurous.
  2. How to respect and look after the planet.
  3. How to conquer their fear of trying new things.

A lot of grandparents surveyed said they rely on their grandchildren for juicy family gossip.

The survey also looked at the top things grandparents teach their grandkids. They include their family history, good manners, how to cook, how to play card games, how to ride a bike, how to swim, and how to be brave.

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