Thanks to a new survey, we now know the exact age when someone is considered to be "middle aged". We also have a bunch of warning signs you should look out for.

Two thousand people responded to the survey and their average answer said that 47 is when you're officially middle aged. Here are the top signs that you're going over the hill:

  1. Your co-workers are young enough to be your kids.
  2. You have a hard time tolerating nonsense.
  3. You have wrinkles and grey hairs, but not just on your face and head.
  4. You're older than most of the actors and musicians you like.
  5. Going on a cruise suddenly sounds like a lot of fun.
  6. You can't tolerate new music.
  7. You've accepted the fact that you'll never fit into your old clothes again.
  8. You couldn't possibly handle a mid-week hangover.
  9. You suddenly love going to home improvement stores.
  10. You're hoping to get household items for Christmas.

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