Dwyer told us during 'Today in Rock History' earlier this morning that Mark Zuckerberg turns 35 today. The CEO started Facebook out of his dorm room in 2004. Today his net worth is approximately $74.2 billion. so, is he also biting his nails every time Trump announces some trade issue... I imagine a 500 point drop in the NASDAQ is quite a pretty penny for him.

Here are some more things you didn't know about Mark Zuckerberg.

  • He protects his privacy thanks to a little-known trick called "Avoiding Facebook."
  • He'll be remembered throughout history for making people realize how stupid their brother really is.
  • You can't block him on Facebook.  Those who've tried are no longer with us.
  • He sold your social security number to the Russians for a Red Bull and a grey t-shirt.
  • He knows more about you than you do.
  • He started writing software in middle school, around the time you were learning to spell "boobs" on a calculator.
  • After good sex, his wife gets a thumbs up sticker.
  • The amount of money found under his couch cushions is more than your annual salary.
  • His wife has a lifetime achievement award . . . in gold-digging.
  • He can speak several languages.  And shockingly, none are Klingon.
  • After good sex, his wife gets a thumbs up sticker.
  • He has colorblindness, so he can't recognize red, green, or privacy.
  • Friends call him "The Zuck."  So....  NOBODY calls him "The Zuck."

So, suck it Mark Zuckerberg.

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