Everyone thinks they're a good driver, but if you spend 30 seconds on the roads, you know Illinois drivers are the worst. A new survey from SWNS asked respondents to give them the signs of a bad driver.

Here's the Top 10 Responses:

  1. Excessive Speeding: 61% said it makes you a bad driver, but more than 40% said they like to drive fast. 1/3 people think speed limits are "just a suggestion."
  2. Cutting People Off: 54%
  3. Tailgating: 44%
  4. Constant Road Rage: 43%
  5. Overuse of Car Horn: 38%
  6. Not Using Turn Signal: 38%
  7. Driving with One Hand On the Wheel: 29%
  8. Talking Too Much While You Drive, to Passengers or on the Phone: 29%
  9. Leaving Your High Beams on When You Don't Need Them: 25%
  10. Singing Along to the Radio: 18%

The survey also found that 56% of us wouldn't date someone if they were a bad driver. 78% say they can tell a lot about your personality by the way you drive.

Read more at SWNS

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