Remember the good old days before Netflix and other streaming services? Back when you had to make a mad dash to the bathroom during commercial breaks.

At the risk of sounding like a crotchety old man, kids these days just don't know the struggle of growing up without media on demand. A viral tweet set off a bunch of responses about what children are missing out on:

Here's what some other people came up with:

  • Getting up during a commercial and someone would steal your seat or take the remote.
  • Finding a blank tape minutes before a show that needed to be recorded came on.
  • Getting your friends on a three-way call to watch an episode together.
  • Missing one episode and never seeing it again.
  • Flipping channels but timing it to get back to the correct channel as the commercial break ended.
  • Cooking your food so that it was done before commercials were over.
  • Watching the TV Guide channel to find the listing for the show you wanted.

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