Coyote hunting in Wisconsin can be a controversial topic, but for some hunters, it's a challenging and rewarding hobby.  It helps with wildlife management and is just fun outdoor recreation.

And getting outside is probably something we should all do more of.

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Here are a Few Reasons Why Someone Might Choose to Hunt Coyotes:

  • Wildlife management: Coyotes can be opportunistic predators that can prey on livestock and pets. Hunting coyotes can help manage their populations and reduce the risks of conflicts with humans, domestic animals, and livestock.
  • The Challenge: Coyotes are intelligent and elusive animals, making them a challenging target to hunt. Many hunters enjoy the thrill of the chase and the opportunity to test their skills.  Night hunting for coyotes in Wisconsin is particularly challenging.
  • Outdoor recreation: Coyote hunting can provide an opportunity for outdoor recreation and help stimulate local economies through the sale of hunting licenses, gear, and lodging.

Coyote Hunting Do's and Don'ts:

Wisconsin has a long history of coyote hunting, dating back to the early 1900s when they were hunted to the point of population decline. Over the years, the state has developed a set of regulations and guidelines to manage the coyote population and ensure ethical hunting practices.

Coyote hunting is allowed year-round in Wisconsin and hunters must have a valid hunting license and follow the Wisconsin coyote hunting regulations set by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

  1. Do obtain the Wisconsin coyote hunting license and permits before hunting coyotes.
  2. Don't hunt coyotes on private property without permission.
  3. Do practice safety measures when hunting coyotes. Wear blaze orange clothing to identify yourself to other hunters and avoid hunting near homes or populated areas.
  4. Don't use illegal hunting methods.
  5. Do use ethical hunting practices and use appropriate firearms and ammunition to ensure a clean and humane kill.
  6. Don't leave any trash or litter behind. Dispose of any waste or debris properly and respect the environment.

The Shocking Truth About Coyotes in Wisconsin

Contrary to popular believe...coyotes in Wisconsin are not considered to be a public health concern.

In fact, it's one of the states with the fewest amount of coyotes with around 17,000 - 20,000 living in the state.

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