By this time, this week, back in 1987 we officially had Permanent Vacation in every record store all over the world.  So this is the week we welcomed back AEROSMITH with open arms and open wallets!   Yes, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford had returned to the band a couple years before for "Done With Mirrors" but that album compared to "PV" was practically ignored.  The latter has gone 5-times-Platinum and is still growing, proving that Aerosmith is a band that we can't live without.

Having the same members all this time (give or take a couple years) is paramount for Aerosmith and as I've said before .. "If there was ever ONE guy who was ever born to do ONE thing, it's Steven Tyler... and that "thing" is front the band Aerosmith!"   I'm hoping his new Country experiment doesn't ultimately mark the end of one of the greatest bands in history!