There are a lot of dogs on TV. They're key roles in some of our favorite movies because they can convey their emotions just as good as their human companions. If all of them were in a dog show, who would win Best in Show?

The Ringer put the show together, but first they needed to narrow it down a bit. There are a lot of beagles, Jack Russells, Labs, and goldens in these shows and movies. Limiting it to 3 per breed should narrow it down well enough.

They also left out the Hall of Famers, like Lassie, or Lady and the Tramp. They're already in the hall of fame, why should they get to win this too?

Dogs were judged by four criteria:

  • Utility
  • Cuteness
  • Relevance
  • Intangibles

The dogs were primarily judged by their characteristics displayed in the show or movie they were in, but that made it difficult for dogs in multiple roles, like the little Westie from Game Night and Widows.

So which dog's made the categories?

The Hound Group

  • Beagle- John Wick
  • Fred, Basset Hound- Smokey and the Bandit
  • Pluto, BloodhoundDisney
  • Santa's Little Helper, GreyhoundThe Simpsons
  • Hubert, Bloodhound- Best in Show

The winner: John Wick's Beagle: This dog kicked off a ridiculously successful action franchise. Plus, it's the only dog on the list that didn't get to live out a full life.

The Toy Group:

  • Chloe, Chihuahua- Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  • Frank, PugMen in Black
  • Verdell, Griffon Bruxellois- As Good as It Gets
  • Bruiser, Chihuahua- Legally Blonde
  • The Taco Bell Dog, Chihuahua

The winner: Frank from Men in Black, hands down. He's got the most longevity out of all of them, plus he's a secret agent.

The Herding Group

  • Chance, Corgi- The Crown
  • Fly, Border CollieBabe
  • Einstein, Bearded Collie- Back to the Future
  • Charlie, Labradoodle- A Star is Born

Winner: Charlie, from A Star is Born. He's adorable, and he's very obedient. Jackson had to tell him to eat a steak. If I put a steak in front of my dog it'd be gone before the plate even touched the ground.

The Sporting Group

  • Buddy, Golden Retriever- Air Bud
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog, Labrador Retriever- Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Mr. Peanut Butter, Labrador Retriever- BoJack Horseman
  • Enzo, Golden Retriever- The Art of Racing in the Rain
  • Shadow, Golden Retriever- Homeward Bound

The Winner: Buddy, hands down. The freaking dog plays basketball, soccer, volleyball, and even baseball.

The Working Group

  • Beethoven, Saint Bernard- Beethoven
  • Hercules, English Mastiff- The Sandlot
  • Fang, Neapolitan Mastiff- Harry Potter
  • Brandy, Pit Bull- Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
  • Champion, Pit Bull- Parks and Recreation

The Winner: Beethoven. This was the most stacked group, but Beethoven has to take the cake.

The Terrier Group

  • Baxter, Border Terrier- Anchorman
  • Olivia, American West Highland White TerrierWidows and Game Night
  • Toto, Cairn TerrierThe Wizard of Oz
  • Eddie Crane, Jack Russell Terrier- Frasier

Winner: Olivia. She's the most versatile, and she can knock out movies as fast as they can draft the contracts.

Final Round: Best In Show

  • John Wick's Beagle, John Wick
  • Frank, Men in Black
  • Chance, Homeward Bound
  • Charlie, A Star is Born
  • Buddy, Air Bud
  • Beethoven, Beethoven
  • Olivia, Widows and Game Night

The Winner:

Beethoven: He's the most useful, one of the cutest, the most relevant, and he warms the cold hearts on dads. The entire franchise is solely based around him, and none of the other dogs can say that. Plus, I don't know a single person who hasn't seen this movie.

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