Whenever the kids come in the house, they've more than likely picked up some new word or phrase you've never heard. Do you ask them, or do you do what most of America does and grab you Google Machine to find out if you need to start screaming or not.

Google has compiled a list of top searches by category. They included topics such as general searches, actors, athletes, homestyle fashion, and more.

  1. What is Area 51?
  2. What is a VSCO Girl? It's an insult for girls who heavily edit photos on the app VSCO
  3. What is momo? The internet challenge that supposedly was tricking kids into doing violent acts, turned out to be a hoax.
  4. What is a boomer? OK Boomer.
  5. What is quid pro quo?  Latin phrase that means "Something for something."
  6. What is camp fashion? This year's Met Gala theme. Someone wrote it up as "exaggerated, extravagant, gaudy, ironic, kitschy, [and] tongue-in-cheek."
  7. What is Disney Plus? Disney's new streaming service launched last month. If you don't know about it yet, you're a lost cause.
  8. What is Bird Box about? That Sandra Bullock movie on Netflix last year everyone's already forgotten about.
  9. What is a Mandalorian? A race of people from the Star Wars universe
  10. What is Brexit? Britain's exit from the European Union.

Did you know all 10? I did.

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