A recent survey asked bartenders how much they deserve to be tipped. The most common answer was $1 per drink. If you think that seems excessive, just remember their job doesn't only involve pouring drinks for people.

They also have to deal with the consequences of those drinks, a.k.a., drunk people. Here are the most common drunken behaviors bartenders said they've seen:

  1. Spilling or breaking a glass.
  2. Someone falling over because they were so drunk.
  3. Drunken arguments.
  4. Puking somewhere in the bar.
  5. Getting into a physical fight.
  6. Passing out in the bar.

57% of bartenders said they've had to call a cab for someone who was too drunk to drive. 49% have arranged for someone else to take them home. And 24% have literally had to take a customer's keys away from them.

Read more at Alcohol.org.

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