How is it that people need to be told this? I opened Facebook this afternoon with at least five people (all listeners) sharing a bogus post that says:

""Unfortunately John Virgilio has won FREE Little Caesars Pizza for life but has not responded within our 24 hour time limit so we are giving everyone who shares by 8pm tomorrow night the chance to be our next winner! Best of luck to you all, Little Caesars INC.""

A couple of the people who shared seem kinda intelligent but really? Why would they fall for this? I think I got as close to a decent explanation as I'll ever find. In one shared post a commenter said "Dude, there's no way this is legit!" And the response was "I know, but what's it hurt if you're wrong?"

Well, you're smarter than that.

Little Caesar's USA via Facebook
Little Caesar's USA via Facebook


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