If your best friend invites you over to hang out, you can stay as late as you want. If they need you to leave, they'll say so. What if you're at someone's house and you're not great friends, how late can you stay before it's rude?


Someone asked an etiquette expert. They specifically asked about dinner parties, but it applies if you're just hanging out too. This is what they said:

If it's a weeknight, the latest you should stay is 10:30. That way they can clean up and still get to bed at a decent hour. On the weekends, be out of there by 11:15.

Now, obviously it depends on the situation. If they have kids, you might need to leave earlier. Or if they invite you over to watch a show that starts at 10:00, they probably expect you to stay late.

But as a general rule, you should plan to be out of their hair by 10:30 on a weeknight, and 11:15 on the weekends.

The other option is to just ask if they need you to leave. Some people are too nice, and don't want it to seem like they're kicking you out. They might even offer you another drink, then secretly hate you for saying yes.

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